No Glue (1st CD)


The first No Glue CD – this recording was improvised live over the course of our first three gigs between 10/98 and 4/99 ..

Gabe Jarrett – drums, “unusual” beats
Stacy Starkweather – bass, disturbances (right channel)
Greg Matses – guitar synthesizer, guitar (left channel)

  No Glue CD back cover

purchased downloads contain the full song in high resolution (320 kbps)


No Glue archive

No Glue logo 2         archive

Thu 10/4/01
Halvorson’s,Burlington VT  8:30pm
Fri 9/28/01
Valencia, Burlington VT  9:30pm
Thu 9/13/01
The Waiting Room,Burlington VT  10pm
Thu 8/23/01
Halvorson’s,Burlington VT  8:30pm
Sat 6/16/01
Stone Church Music Club, Newmarket NH (Azure Groove opened)
Wed 5/02/01
  Halvorson’s Upstreet Cafe, Burlington VT
Wed 4/18/01
  Halvorson’s Upstreet Cafe, Burlington VT
Fri 2/9/01Slade Hall, University of VT, Burlington VT  (with The Ordinary Way)
Thu 1/25/01Signal to Noise, Burlington VT
 ( our worst moment .. Gabe is alienated )  
Fri 10/6/00The Stone Church Music Club, Newmarket NH  (Tomfoolery opened)
Thu 9/7/00Higher Ground, Winooski VT  (opening for fat mama … Dave Grippo sits in)
Thu 8/24/00Signal to Noise, Burlington VT
Mon 6/5/00Discover Jazz Festival, The Flynn Dog, Burlington VT
Thu 4/27/00The Stone Church Music Club, Newmarket NH   (opening for Soulive)
Thu 3/23/00Signal to Noise, Burlington VT (quite stunning.. rumours of “adult” encore never materialize)
Feb/March 2000 – “The Naughty Sessions Vol’s 1 & 2” are recorded but not released
Thu 12/2/99 – Signal to Noise, Burlington VT  (cd release party ….. without cd’s ?)
Fri 11/19/99 –
Inn on the Library Lawn, Westport NY  (Northern Adirondack Jazz Fest)
Thu 11/18/99 – Waterhole #3, Saranac Lake NY  (Northern Adirondack Jazz Fest)
Mon 8/2/99 –Phantom Theatre production of “The Seven Questions”, Edgecomb Barn, Warren VT
Sun 8/1/99 – PhantomTheatre production of “The Seven Questions”, Edgecomb Barn, Warren VT
Thu 4/15/99 – Slade Hall, UVM, Burlington VT  ( most of the first CD was from this show )
Tue 1/5/99 – Red Square, Burlington VT  ( … asked never to return … )
Thu 10/22/98 – Manhattan Pizza, Burlington VT  ( our first show …. we did kinda suck )

July 1998 – the seed is firmly planted.. with PhantomTheatre  (able soft rock never sounded better)
July 16, 1996 – the first encounter … at Noteworthy Studios for a Cat Carr session, Granville VT